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Tim Rowe Shares What's New With ACS and RDi
by Paul Tuohy
Tim Rowe shares what's new with ACS and RDi in this episode of iTalk With Tuohy.
E-newsletter Exclusive
COMMON Education Foundation Encourages Students to Pursue IBM i Careers
by Shirley S. Savage
The COMMON Education Foundation (CEF) works to keep the IBM i community vibrant by encouraging students to embrace ...
E-Newsletter Exclusive
Determining the Electrical Grounding for Mission Critical Facilities’ Engine-Generators 
by Syed Ahsan Baqi 
The Uptime Institute LLC considers the engine-generators as a primary source of power for the mission critical facilities.
E-newsletter Exclusive
by Kristin Lewotsky
Whether the task is serving customers or serving up data, the traditional business structures are no longer enough. 
Jesse Gorzinski
BLOG › Open Your i
Eight Reasons to Embrace SSH
by Jesse Gorzinski
In my previous post, I gave a brief introduction to the concept of a shell and focused on SSH connectivity. 
Steve Will
IBM i and Watson
by Steve Will
Let's discuss IBM Watson and IBM i--how are they related?
Susan Gantner and Jon Paris
IBM i News You May Have Missed
by Susan Gantner and Jon Paris
Jon Paris and Susan Gantner offer their take on a few of the most recent news items around the IBM i world that you may ...
Dawn May
End Subsystem Options—Optimize Ending Your Subsystems
by Dawn May
The End Subsystem (ENDSBS), End System (ENDSYS), and Power Down System (PWRDWNSYS) commands all have ...
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7 Keys to Future-Proofing Your RPG Applications

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Revving Up Your IBM i for the API Economy
Content by Rocket Software
See how APIs have helped lead IT organizations like yours into the future, and discover hidden business value in your proven applications.
TODAY — 10 PT / Noon CT / 1 ET
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Why IBM i is Key to Your IT Strategy
Content by Fresche Solutions
Addressing key issues around alignment, security and skill shortages.
Monday, September 25 — 11 PT / 1 CT / 2 ET
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Top Five Ways to Protect Your Organization From Data Loss
Content by UCG Technologies
In 45 minutes we’ll reveal how to protect your organization from data loss through disaster and human error.
Thursday, October 5 — 10 PT / Noon CT / 1 ET
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Layer Up Your Data Security
Content by Vision Solutions
Join us as we discuss best practices for securing your data from attack and threat, and how you can build your security structure with layers of resilience.
Thursday, October 12 — 10 PT / Noon CT / 1 ET
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MAGiC IBM i User Conference: Lead the Industry From Within
September 27- 29, 2017. Network, learn, trend watch and more among the IBM i community. Keynote: Steve Will, chief architect for IBM i, Topics: PHP, .NET, RDi, GitHub, System Administration. 
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COMMON Fall Conference
Mark your calendars for this year’s COMMON Fall Conference & Expo in St. Louis, October 2-4. 
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IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage Technical University New Orleans
Learn how you can harness the power of IBM Systems solutions to help turn your IT challenges into successes, October 16-20. 
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RPG & DB2 Summit
The RPG & DB2 Summit, October 17-19, focuses on the critical skills you need for today's work. RPG, Free Form, SQL, Db2, ILE, RSE/RDi, Web-enablement techniques and mobilizing RPG apps. You'll go deep into tips and techniques that help you work smarter and faster.
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