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IBM Power Systems EXTRA: AIX Edition
IBM Power Systems EXTRA, AIX Edition
AIX Edition • October 10, 2018
A Step-By-Step Guide to Live Partition Mobility
A Step-By-Step Guide to Live Partition Mobility 

Live partition mobility is not a replacement for disaster recovery or high availability solutions. It’s designed to move a running LPAR or a properly shutdown LPAR to a different server. It cannot move an LPAR with a crashed kernel or from a failed machine. If all the prerequisites are met, LPM can be used to move an AIX, IBM i or Linux LPAR from one LPM-capable POWER server to another compatible server. AIX expert Jaqui Lynch explains more in this article. 

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Human Error is Top Cause of Downtime 
Information Technology Intelligence Corp.’s (ITIC) 2018 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Survey (, which surveyed more than 800 customers worldwide, found that 59 percent of respondents cited human error as the No. 1 cause of unplanned downtime. Read about other top causes of downtime—and how to mitigate them—in this article by ITIC principal Laura DiDio. 
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Managing Prestart Server Jobs by Remote IP Address 
In this i Can blog post, IBM i consultant Dawn May explains how to find prestart jobs associated with a remote IP address. Options to do so include Netstat, Navigator for i, IBM i Services and APIs.  
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FMS Solutions Saves Time and Money by Modernizing
FMS Solutions Saves Time and Money by Modernizing 

Software modernization is a popular topic these days—and for good reason. Modern users expect modern solutions, including mobile access to back-end resources, seamless data integration no matter the platform and, as has long been the case, easy-to-use, cool graphical interfaces.

And commercial application providers are no exception to this craze. They too need to offer all of the above, to both keep existing clients on board and, just as importantly, attract new ones. FMS Solutions, which provides accounting services and consulting for retail stores, decided it needed to bring its solutions up to date by using newer technologies and design paradigms to surpass its competitors.

The biggest inhibitor to this? All of its applications had been developed using Synon to run on IBM i and the IBM Power Systems platform—and not in the recent past. FMS could have started from scratch, rebuilding from the ground up, but that would’ve been untenable for a company known for its quarterly software upgrades.

Instead, the company decided to partner with CM First Group to deploy a modernization tool, CA Plex from CA Technologies, to support its modernization efforts with minimal disruption to its development team.  

Not only that, but by undertaking this partnership with CM First, Robert Graybill, president and CEO, FMS, estimates his company saved roughly $750,000 and six months of development time over taking on the effort solo. As Graybill further notes, “In the end, the project came in on budget and only one month off schedule. For a smaller IT shop like ours, this was a blessing both from an expense perspective and our ability to deliver.”

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Secure and Automate File Transfers for IBM i and AIX
Content by HelpSystems
Join us to learn how to streamline, secure, and audit your file transfers. We’ll cover the benefits of secure protocols and encryption, common pain points with traditional file transfer methods, and how a solution like GoAnywhere MFT can help you simplify and centralize file transfer activity between vendors, customers, and trading partners. 
Building Bridges: AS/400 to Modern Platforms
Content by Rocket Software
Learn how you can expose AS/400 or IBM i data and application logic to Java and .Net. 


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