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IBM Power Systems EXTRA: IBMi Edition
IBM Power Systems EXTRA, IBM i Edition
IBM i Edition • November 07, 2018
Maintain IBM i Data via Mobile
Maintain IBM i Data via Mobile 
Keeping your company information up to date is crucial to maintaining a successful organization. But business isn’t confined to the four walls of an office—and access to critical information shouldn’t be, either. End users rely on their smartphones for myriad business tasks, and by following a few simple steps, that can include mobile access to your company’s IBM i servers.
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Outreach Programs Bring More Women Into Power Systems Careers 

If you were to look at photos from the past 25 years of IT conferences, you’d notice slow changes in the attendees. Early photos would show only men in the audience. Around 1990, one or two women may be in the group. In 2015, a few more women pop up. In 2018, the number of female faces has increased, but males still comprise the majority.

If the future of the IBM Power Systems platform depends on attracting more young people to the platform, many of those IT workers will be female. Organizations and individuals are working to spread the word to young women and those women returning to the workforce that IT welcomes them. Here’s a look at some of the efforts underway to encourage more women to look at careers in IT.

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Your organization needs to be thinking differently about your backup & DR strategy
The true cause of concern is an organization’s status quo: 80% of IBM i users currently backup to tape and 40% of companies have no DR plan at all. Don’t get caught like the many organizations we’ve seen with inefficient exposed backup data and no DR plan!
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A Change to the SMT Mode Default in POWER9 
There's a rather significant change with the default SMT mode in AIX 7.2 TL3 running on POWER9 servers. AIX expert Rob McNelly explains why this is—and how to adjust your settings—in this AIXchange blog post. 
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Storage Recommendations for AIX: What’s the Best LUN Size?
Storage Recommendations for AIX: What’s the Best LUN Size? 

What’s the best LUN size? This is a tricky question, but one everyone has asked it once or twice in our careers. In this article, AIX expert Jose Ortega explains the most important considerations and recommendations when talking about the LUN size. 

Learn more about LUN sizing  →
Communicating What’s Next…In IBM Technology
IBM Systems magazine, Power Systems communicates what’s next in systems and technologies for IBM i customers worldwide. Available in print or digital formats, the magazine, along with its award-winning EXTRA eNewsletters, website, and webinar programming, provide exclusive information straight from the source: IBM.
IBM Webinar
Top 5 Business Reasons You Need Modern DevOps for IBM i
Content by Rocket Software
Discover how a modern DevOps strategy can accelerate application modernization efforts. You can simplify development operations in a complex environment and make your company more attractive to young engineers. We’ll show you how.


Simplify Your Multicloud Journey With IBM Power Systems
Content by IBM
Join us as we kick-off the Launchpad to POWER9 Webinar Series! IBM Power Systems enables the most data-intensive and mission critical workloads to leverage the benefits of a multicloud environment. In this webinar, you will learn how cloud solutions on Power Systems simplify your journey to the multicloud.


IBM i Business Resiliency 101
Content by HelpSystems
The disaster you didn’t consider always does the most damage. Always. These IBM i experts will shine a light on the disruptions that most IT teams overlook and show you the best ways to anticipate them and maintain business resilience.


Keep Your Business Secure With IBM Power Systems
Content by IBM
Learn about key industry security challenges and trends and how IBM Power Systems provide the end-to-end security management needed to protect data in a dynamic market.


Virtualization Considerations for Hardware Changes
Content by HelpSystems
As Power Systems servers get stronger, partitioning becomes even more prevalent. Join this live webinar and learn how to handle high availability and wholistic monitoring in you virtualized environment. 


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