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IBM Power Systems EXTRA: AIX Edition
IBM Power Systems EXTRA, AIX Edition
AIX Edition • January 16, 2019
Data Versus Metadata
Data Versus Metadata for AIX 

Many people are confused by the concept of data and metadata. Though both are different forms of data, they have different uses and different specifications. Data can simply be a piece of information, a list of measurements or observations, a story or a description of a certain thing. Metadata specifies the relevant information about the data, which helps in identifying the nature and feature of the data. In this article, IBMer Ahmed Mashhour gives scenarios to prove that data can be restored even if we delete metadata information represented in the filesystems information, primary blocks, ODM or VGDA.

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LPARs Allow Clients to run Linux Alongside AIX and IBM i 
Old perceptions die hard. Many IT managers believe that x86 equates to Linux solutions at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). But the Linux OS and its myriad open-source tools run well on IBM Power Systems servers and frequently with much better price-performance.Learn how LPARs make this possible.  
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Your Organization Needs to be Thinking Differently About Your Backup & DR Strategy
The true cause of concern is an organization’s status quo: 80 percent of IBM i users currently backup to tape and 40 percent of companies have no DR plan at all. Don’t get caught like the many organizations we’ve seen with inefficient exposed backup data and no DR plan!
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Prestart Jobs and Connection Pooling 
IBM i consultant Dawn May continues her i Can blog series on prestart jobs by discussing connection pooling, i.e., the ability to keep the connection to the server in place. Connection pooling improves performance by reducing the number of jobs started and ended, as well as reducing the overhead of full opens and program activations.   
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A Global Foundation
Organizations Globally Alter Data Handling Practices in the Wake of GDPR 
GDPR, which came into force on May 25, 2018 gives data privacy authorities in the EU’s 28 member states unprecedented powers of oversight regarding the way that companies handle personal data of data subjects (defined by the EU as customers and employees). It has empowered those who live in Europe with the right to ensure that their personal data is captured, stored and processed in a way that’s transparent, secure and appropriate, wherever in the world those personal data activities take place. “GDPR isn't perfect by any means,” says Richard Hogg, global GDPR evangelist for IBM. “But it does set the bar very high as a way of applying protection to personal data.”    
Learn about the global effects GDPR  →
Just Published: Power Systems Solutions Edition 2019
The newly released 2019 Power Systems Solutions Edition is your key to researching a vast array of hardware, software solutions, services and educational resources. It's the ultimate guide to assist with your Power Systems tech decisions throughout 2019.
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SUSE Solutions for SAP HANA on Power Systems
Content by SUSE
Learn the newest capabilities that SUSE offers for SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, and why SUSE solutions are your best choice for reliability, performance and ease of deployment.


Accelerate Digital Transformation Using APIs and Microservices
Content by Rocket Software
Join for an in-depth look at APIs and microservices, and the immediate impact these technologies can have to turn legacy applications into building blocks for new revenue-generating activities and digital customer experiences.


Disaster Recovery for AIX and Linux on Power
Content by Storix, Inc.
We’ll discuss the different challenges administrators face when performing bare-metal recovery and provide a reliable alternative for protecting your physical and virtual Linux servers, including Linux on Power Systems.


IBM i Credit Card Processing—Curb Credit Card Chaos
Content by Curbstone
If you’re processing credit card transactions on IBM i, join us to learn how to curb credit card chaos and send high quality transactions that will reduce extra charges so you’ll pay lower processing fees.


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