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IBM Power Systems EXTRA: AIX Edition
IBM Power Systems EXTRA, AIX Edition
AIX Edition • October 03, 2018
A Closer Look at Performance and Security Updates to AIX 7.2
A Closer Look at Performance and Security Updates to AIX 7.2 

With each new release and each new TL, AIX users get more features and greater functionality. The OS, although superficially similar to AIX 4.3.3 or 5.3, has undergone many improvements to get us to AIX 7.2, yet IBM has done so in such a way to be minimally disruptive to the platform’s long-time administrators and users.

AIX expert Rob McNelly outlines updates to AIX 7.2 in this article.

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POWER9 Hardware Supports On-premises Cloud Deployments 

Either by regulations (e.g., HIPAA or PCI DSS) or by business sense, some types of workloads simply aren’t well-suited for the public cloud. Yet, organizations that face those data-security challenges don’t have to forego the scalability and accessibility afforded by cloud deployments. Instances of the private cloud allow clients to retain control over their data, while retaining its inherent flexibility.

Private cloud deployments require the right infrastructure—and the IBM POWER9* processor is designed with that type of workload in mind.

Learn about the E950 and E980 scale-up servers →
Launchpad to POWER9
Valid reasons exist to upgrade to the new POWER9. Learn why new hardware matters, what new workloads it runs, how to get your old hardware to new boxes, and how to prepare for an upgrade. Coming in November to IBM Systems Magazine.
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What's in Store for Memory 
Hot Chips is the place to learn about high-performance microprocessors and related topics like system memory. In this AIXchange blog post, Rob McNelly recaps three articles from the Hot Chips conference.
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Jesse Gorzinski on Yum and Open Source for IBM i
Jesse Gorzinski on Yum and Open Source for IBM i 
In this episode of iTalk With Tuohy, Jesse Gorzinski, the business architect for open source on IBM i, discusses Yum and what’s new for open source.     
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Application Modernization: No Open Source or PASE Needed. See How!
Content by LANSA
Learn how to remove the obstacles of application modernization and discover a fast, easy and cost-effective strategy to meet a broad spectrum of native modernization strategies that do not require open source or PASE. 



Secure and Automate File Transfers for IBM i and AIX
Content by HelpSystems
Join us to learn how to streamline, secure, and audit your file transfers. We’ll cover the benefits of secure protocols and encryption, common pain points with traditional file transfer methods, and how a solution like GoAnywhere MFT can help you simplify and centralize file transfer activity between vendors, customers, and trading partners. 
Building Bridges: AS/400 to Modern Platforms
Content by Rocket Software
Learn how you can expose AS/400 or IBM i data and application logic to Java and .Net. 


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